You can find a full overview of all 50+ participating bars in Amsterdam. We have selected the bars based on criteria such as hospitality, quality of mixed drinks, atmosphere and general awesomeness. We have divided them in four categories. Firstly, we have the dedicated Cocktailbars, where shaking and stirring drinks is the main thing. Then we have Hotelbars. The cocktail also takes the centre stage here but hotelbars are different from other cocktailbars, so we gave them a section of their own. And to show how the cocktail has expanded, we have also a large number of restaurants where mixed drinks are an important part of their concept. Some restaurants serve full blown cocktails, and we have created the category “Cocktails & Food” for them. But cocktails aren’t limited to shaking and stirring: also properly crafted longdrinks are considered cocktails. For restaurants serving this kind of drink we have created the “Longdrinks & Food” section. You can see how amazingly creative we are!



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